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Phyllis Kaltenbach - Fine Artist

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Reno, NV - United States

Phyllis' portfolio is quite varied with Photos, Paintings and some Digital. Please take some time to go through it. Photographer from age 5 or 6 with an abundance of 1st and 'Best of Shows' Awards, and some commercial work. Studied Art and Architecture at Stephen's College, Columbia, Mo. from 1951 to 1953. A degree in Teaching and in Desktop Publishing. Began painting in all media in 2001, with a variety of excellent teachers.
Phyllis has her own style of painting that seems to go from Realistic to Impressionistic. Keeps her Iowa husband of 60 years 'off balance' most of the time. Her paintings are bright and happy. Her favorite subjects are Animals. Travel, Landscapes and Nautical images often show up in her studio, as well. Her favorite media is acrylics. She is a master of color with a bit of wit thrown in.
She says, 'If God can use all that lovely color in nature, then so can I. But he is a better artist than I.
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Thank You for viewing my paintings and my Photos. I hope you enjoyed them. Most of my originals are hanging in my, or my family members homes. A set fee is $ $350.00 to $800.00, USA I will work through Reno Custom Crating, Reno, NV. If someone should desire an Original of my Art. ALL my Art pieces (Photos and Painting) are Copy Writed: Phyllis Kaltenbach




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